Mer-Sailor Scouts Concepts - Sailor Jupiter
Maria tartaglia sj fix crop

Final Concept, with some nice mermaidy-details :)

Maria tartaglia sj lineart

Line art

Maria tartaglia sj gray

Gray-scale to help me figure out some stuff ( still wasn't sure what I wanted her face too look like though :/)

Maria tartaglia sailorjupiterwip

1st color pass ( still no ideas on her face)

Maria tartaglia sj color3

2nd pass, finally got inspiration for the face :D

Maria tartaglia img 4170

Lightning, and change in lighting :D

Maria tartaglia scouts update

I did a full series, so if you like this please check them out <3

Mer-Sailor Scouts Concepts - Sailor Jupiter

Created these during #mermay. I decided to combine my love of Sailor Moon with my love of Mermaids :D Process work and finished concept of Sailor Jupiter. I will definitely go back and add some more details to her later ( sea shells and stuff, I was in too much of a hurry with this one :p)

More artwork
Maria tartaglia img 5538Maria tartaglia img 2406Maria tartaglia world camera move 0 00 08 05