Maria tartaglia sand 2

Final design laser etched onto client product (photo image was not done by me :p Too much lens flare in my opinion lol, but you know how it goes :D)

Maria tartaglia maria tartaglia dragonpick

Final design created in Illustrator

Maria tartaglia dragonsdoodles

Early sketch concepts

Maria tartaglia earlyconcepts

Early Sketch Concepts

Maria tartaglia concept linework

First test pass of a more European style dragon and line work

Maria tartaglia concept2 linework

First test pass of an East Asian style dragon and line work

Dragon Pick - Freelance Client Project

Created concept art, iteration work, to final approved Illustrator file for client. The project was to create a dragon-samurai design that would later be laser etched onto a metal lock-pick called the 'Sandman' pick. This was such a blast to work on, and a great change of pace for me at the time since I hadn't worked on something that would be a physical product in awhile.

2-week Freelance Project, 2015 - Client: Sparrow Lock Picks

More artwork
Maria tartaglia fullconceptpass1Maria tartaglia vikingking smallMaria tartaglia x