Mer-Sailor Scouts Concepts - Sailor Mars
Maria tartaglia sailormars2 fix

Sailor Mars finished concept

Maria tartaglia sailormarswip

I skipped the gray-scale work on this one and just played around with brushes, colors, and effects to inspire me. Then I drew over that and applied some block colors.

Maria tartaglia smar color2

More color layering and building out the character.

Maria tartaglia sailormars

More colors, clean up, and some detail work for the important stuff.

Maria tartaglia img 4137

Bubbles, and in process rethinking her tail alignment.

Maria tartaglia scouts update

I did a full series, so if you like this please check them out <3

Mer-Sailor Scouts Concepts - Sailor Mars

Created during #mermay. I decided to combine my love of Sailor Moon with my love of Mermaids :D Process work and finished concept of Sailor Mars.

More artwork
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