Environments and Backgrounds
Maria tartaglia rff fsbg

Concept (and also used as final due to time :p) Bonus Game background for Red Flag Fleet Game

Maria tartaglia fsbg vv

Concept (and also used as final) Bonus Game Background for Viking Vanguard Game

Maria tartaglia columns birds hmw

Concept Background For Hercules: Mythical Warrior Game (Birds were later removed to help keep focus on gameplay, and used as final design)

Maria tartaglia wozbackground concept

Background for Game concept

Maria tartaglia basebg vv

Concept Base Game Background for Viking Vanguard Game

Environments and Backgrounds

Backgrounds I concepted for Games, Animations, and just for fun :) Read captions for more information!

More artwork
Maria tartaglia vikingking smallMaria tartaglia xMaria tartaglia caterpillar2