Inktober 2017 Part 2
Maria tartaglia img 5538

Sketch of Leyonce (inspired by Beyonce <3)

Maria tartaglia fierce

Fake Fashion Magazine cover :p

Maria tartaglia img 5580

Mud Monster sketch, looking fab.

Maria tartaglia img 5604

Magazine Design for fun

Maria tartaglia img 5600

Some random trail of bats sketch

Maria tartaglia img 5576

Mummy Ballerina <3

Maria tartaglia img 5603

I loved working on this one <3

Maria tartaglia img 5369

Sketch I did early into Inktober (before I started doing the fashion magazine covers)

Inktober 2017 Part 2

Another batch of Inktobers I made for 2017 that I really enjoyed :) I used the official Inktober prompt for 2017, along with an autumn festival style theme. I used Photoshop for the text, and a little added drama for some of the images :)

More artwork
Maria tartaglia charlieMaria tartaglia world camera move 0 00 08 05Maria tartaglia caterpillar2