Maria Tartaglia
/ma-re-a tar-tal-lea/
I'm currently an Experience Designer at EA Redwood Shores working on The Sims 4. 
Some fun facts about me:
I enjoy weird plants, adventures (outdoor hikes, traveling around the world, paddle boarding with the dog, walking the cat, etc), and learning random new skills just for fun. Currently I'm trying to learn how to do a walking handstand.
Professionally I’m an end-to-end designer who loves art, a good think, and solving tough problems. Ferociously organized and genuinely optimistic, my curious nature constantly pulls me to learning and understanding how people and things in the world work. My infectious energy and drive are the first things people notice about me, and I channel them with pride into any team I work with.
Currently, I'm not actively looking for new opportunities, but I am always curious to know about cool new projects! So don't hesitate to contact me through any of the links below.

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