Freealance Graphic Design Project - Seals and Decor
Maria tartaglia maria tartaglia hierarchy stylesheet

All 300 designed Seals

Maria tartaglia player emblems

Player Emblems. This is a sample of what they could look like. Players would get a crest/frame and place earned level seals into the middle to show off to other players. They could also buy decor items to go on their full emblems.

Maria tartaglia frames

Crest Frames

Maria tartaglia maria tartaglia airballoon base

LVL 15 seal

Maria tartaglia maria tartaglia dreamcatcher4 base

LVL 20 seal design

Maria tartaglia maria tartaglia whale2 base

LVL 25 seal design

Maria tartaglia maria tartaglia phoenix6 base

LVL 30 seal design

Freealance Graphic Design Project - Seals and Decor

Created graphic art elements for gamification of Relias Learning's course training program. Incorporating interactive learner engagement elements into course training moves staff from completing training because they “have to” — to becoming active participants in their development. Gaming elements provide staff with focused goals and rewards that incentivize compliance with their training plan and demonstrate the knowledge they’ve acquired from the courses.

Was a really fun freelance project to work on (really helped push me to draw more during my down time :p). I also got to create a lot of content!

6 Month Freelance Project, 2015-2016 - Client: Relias Learning

More artwork
Maria tartaglia world camera move 0 00 08 05Maria tartaglia caterpillar2Maria tartaglia xzone placement